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<i>VIRGIL CON 2019 <i/>
<i>VIRGIL CON 2019 <i/>
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Getting There Together
A Virtual Summit

  • ConvenientIf you can connect to the internet, you can join in on the fun. You choose your schedule then participate in webinar style sessions which amazing presenters.
  • See EverythingDuring a traditional conference, you might have to decide between two simultaneous sessions. You won't have to during VIRGILCON. Every webinar will be recorded and you'll be able to access the content whenever you please.
  • Expand your PLNThis is a virtual conference with presenters and participants from all over the world! You'll be able to tap into the strategies and tools from a diverse group of educators that you might not find otherwise.
  • CostThis event is totally FREE.
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Professional Development should be accessible. Utilizing the internet, we think that we can bring together educators, parents, and stakeholders from all over the globe in order improve educational outcomes. VIRGILCON is free and accessible to anyone with an internet connection.
VIRGIL CON will happen over 3 days. It will begin July 31st and end August 2nd. Sessions will begin at 8am PST and end 4.
You'll join VIRGILCON here, and be given access to the webinars as they become live. Sessions will be 55 minutes in length. If you miss any session offered or if you'd like to re-watch a session you attend live, you can do so when the summit ends.

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